Janel Metsker

Janel Metsker

Welcome to NiteOwlQuilting.com!

In this phase of life, the time I have for myself is mainly after I put my two young boys to bed. I absolutely love every step in making quilts! I have so much fun working on my projects late at night that I have officially become Nite Owl Quilting.

When I decided to start publishing my patterns, I committed to making them how I would want to buy them as a quilter. Nite Owl Quilting patterns are:

  • Edited and tested by beginner and expert quilters
  • Written for baby through king sizes for basic quilt patterns
  • Printed with full size templates
  • Professionally presented with great photography and graphic design
  • Easy to follow with professionally made diagrams
  • Store-ready with barcodes and item numbers
  • Written with tips for choosing colors, color layout diagrams, and designed to have a great flow of color

I would love to see pictures of your completed Nite Owl Quilting projects! Happy sewing!